The Not-So-New Life Science

Cannabis products are more accessible today than they have been in the past 70+ years because of the increased awareness of their therapeutic effects and the astounding public demand for an alternative to synthetic pharmaceutical products. Unfortunately, due to the stigma around its illegal past, there is hesitation to fully legalize and regulate cannabis products. This hesitation has resulted in regulations that are inconsistent, confusing, and ever-changing. As a manufacturer or retailer for the cannabis industry, you are expected to comply with these requirements and it can be difficult to keep up with the fluctuation, while maintaining a positive public perception. Duncan Life Sciences (DLS) provides services to ensure that not only are you complying with state and federal regulations, but also allows you to provide reliable product that is safe for your consumers.

Services for Processors

Services for Laboratories

Services for Retailers

Compliance with state laws Compliance with state laws Compliance with state laws
Establish/maintain Quality Management System Establish/maintain Quality Management System Review of manufacturers and laboratories
Draft policies and procedures ISO Certification prep Evaluate medical claims
Assist with FDA approval process Draft policies and procedures Staff training

Why Compliance Is Important

  • Protect users/patients
  • Shield firm from legal implications or state/federal violations (lawsuits, CA Prop. 65, state inspections, FDA warning letters)
  • Meet your state requirements
  • Product integrity
  • Transparency in a time where consumers demand it
  • Be prepared for impending regulation

Why Duncan Life Sciences?

  • Over 12 years experience in the quality/compliance space
  • Proven track record of educating companies on new regulations and helping to establish a system of compliance
  • Experience in the heavily regulated pharmaceutical industry which is directly transferable to cannabis products
  • Familiarity with analytical laboratory testing and certifications
  • Chemistry background
  • Passionate about safe and effective products that help change lives

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