Labeling & Testing for Medical Cannabis

Alaska has had a complicated history with marijuana.  Since 1975, the state has gone through waves of decriminalization, acceptance, prohibition and legalization.  In 1998, medical marijuana was legalized with no laws or rules for control or oversight.  This law seems to still be in effect, but according to a state representative, it was only "established to give people a defense in court" (go figure).

In 2014, recreational cannabis was legalized which essentially superseded any previous marijuana laws the state had.  The laws, however, are still left to be desired.  They are sometimes convoluted and contradictory - mirroring the state's twisted path.

What is on the label?

  • Name & license # of marijuana establishment
  • Production lot #
  • Net weight of product in package (including estimated amount of THC)
  • Warning statements
  • Shipping label (not visible to consumers) includes test results for contaminants

How is product quality ensured?

  • A random sample must be tested from every batch
  • Batches are segregated (isolated and unable to be distributed) until testing results are obtained
  • Batches that fail are disposed
  • Cultivation facility subject to random sampling by the state
  • Cultivation facility must declare chemicals used and test results in writing for every batch
  • Testing of each lot must include: cannabinoid profile (THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA, CBN), microbial testing, and residual solvents
  • Test facility requires license
  • Test facility must show competence to conduct testing for: cannabinoids, microbials, residual solvents, harmful chemicals, molds, mildew, filth, and pesticides


  • Contaminant limits are defined by the state for microbials and solvents
  • All marijuana facilities are subject to state inspections


  • Testing is not required for terpenes, heavy metals, or pesticides
  • A clause allows for wholesalers to document when specific contaminants have not been tested for indicating there is some allowance for this
  • Cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles not included on label