Labeling & Testing for Medical Cannabis

Arkansas is one of the more recent states to legalize medical marijuana.  In fact, patients are not expected to be able to get marijuana from licensed dispensaries until this April.  The state just recently announced that 32 dispensaries would be receiving licenses in the next week or so.

Arkansas has actually done a great job preparing for legalization.  Although it took a while to get the program going, they have implemented laws and safety measures to ensure consumers are getting the safest possible products.  Below, you'll see the strengths and flaws related to their laws but's a great start.  And what do you know???  They actually required testing of products before any cannabis appeared on a shelf.  Bravo!

What is on the label?

  • Producer’s name and name of cultivation facility or dispensary #
  • Unique identification #
  • Date of harvest
  • Date of manufacture (concentrate or extract)
  • Name of strain
  • Net weight
  • Concentration of total THC and total CBD
  • Activation time
  • Name of test lab, test batch #, and test date
  • Universal symbol
  • Warning statements

How is product quality ensured?

  • Every batch of product is tested for pesticides, water activity, moisture content, cannabinoid profile (THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA), heavy metals, microbials (E. coli), and residual solvents (concentrates and extracts only).
  • Retesting is allowed for failed batches but must be confirmed by two different labs
  • Failed batches may be remediated and retested
  • Batches that fail must be destroyed
  • State performs periodic planned and unplanned inspections


  • Compounds identified in lab testing that are not specifically required by the state must be reported and may trigger a state investigation
  • State provides list of solvents, metals, and pesticides along with action limits
  • Test lab must be certified by NIDA, NELAC, ISO or equivalent
  • Significant oversight and control of labeling and testing


  • Terpenes are not required to be tested or documented on label
  • Limited cannabinoid profile is required
  • E. coli is the only specified microbial
  • No requirement for expiration date on label